KARATE SEMINAR 4.-5.1.2020



”I have developed Asahi Health –method for around 15 years now. During this process I have been able to use all the research and practice I did in the 90s and in the early 2000s as I sought to understand the concept of ”internal power” in martial arts. During this time I brought all these things to my karate practice and my way of teaching. I even wrote a book about this theme called “Zen Karate”. Later I included most of this material in the forms and principles of Asahi-method. This is why Asahi could work as a method of practicing “internal strength” in martial arts. Recently I have developed ”a movement series of four animals” for Asahi in which all the essential principles of using martial strength are exercised. Practising of Wado-ryu Kumite Gata demands very relaxed use of force. Strength is sometimes released even in very short techniques which is most effectively achieved by using the ”mechanics of inner power”. In the seminar we study Wado-ryu Kumite Gata and the most important physical and mental principles of “the internal force”. We will study some Asahi –based forms of internal strength and its mechanics as well.”

Saturday 4.1. 12 – 18
Sunday 5.1. 10 – 14
Tammerkosken koulu, Rautatienkatu 3-5, Tampere

2 days 40 €, 1 day 30 €

Welcome to Tampere!

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